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> empower – elevate – excel
> increase energy
> strengthen resilience
> achieve sustainable high performance
We go beyond mere ‘box-ticking’ training initiatives, we ignite growth in individuals and teams, creating environments where everyone can thrive.

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Our Vision


Our vision is to create business environments where everyone can thrive.


Our Mission


Our mission is to develop outstanding leaders who embody compassion, purpose, and authenticity. By prioritising wellbeing as a non-negotiable, we aim to create workplaces where individuals thrive, teams excel, and organisations succeed.


Our Values


Anchored by our core values, our energy and expertise, delivers optimal outcomes for our clients by unlocking their potential for growth and success.

> Loyalty

> Transparency

> Freedom

> Passion

> Health

> Fun

Proven Track Record


For over two decades we have continued to adapt and meet the demands of our clients in the ever-changing business enviornment.


We have coached over 4,000 individuals in the various competencies of leadership development.


We have successfully delivered over 2,000 workshops & learning intiatives.

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Our Method

We believe that sustainable high performance is a by-product of a robust wellbeing culture.

At the heart of Momentum4, sits our framework for success, The REP Model. The model represents an integrated approach to wellbeing, resilience, and performance. The REP Model is the cornerstone of all our services.

resilience + energy = performance

Our Expertise

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  • Your catalyst for transformative leadership with over 25 years of expertise.
  • We empower Multinationals, SMEs and Start-Ups … our track record speaks volumes.
  • Our experiential learning initiatives are grounded in evidence based positive psychology and emotional intelligence competencies.
  • We empower individuals and teams, with energy and resilience, this creates the foundation for sustainable high performance.
  • We instigate a mindset shift that fosters empowerment and drives behaviours, unlocking limitless possibilities.
  • Our innovative approach empowers individuals and teams to confront challenges head-on, make strategic choices, and unleash their potential.
  • We are your collaborative partner, creating the advantage in leadership development.
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Lara’s energy and enthusiasm brings out the best in people and helps them achieve their personal and business goals.

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Chris works with people and companies to help them achieve an optimum performance that will last the distance.

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how we do it

Our process drives transformational change to create environments where everyone can thrive.

Momentum4 design and deliver blended learning solutions, that develop individuals and teams to their potential ... this ultimately drives successful, 'purpose-led' businesses.

Our Clients

PWC Deloitte IBM BDO Baker McKenzie CMS American Express UN CBRE McCarthy Stone Highwood Prime Stantec Welsh Rugby union Sumitomo UK Sport Eaton Neste Proctor & Gamble UCB Searchlight
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